Distributed Cognition Post #4

To conclude my research for this project, I personally believe that technology, when used correctly, can only benefit the overall learning of students. Technology however, should not be used as an outlet of laziness on behalf of educators. Technology is not present in the classroom so teachers can keep students busy while they help another student, etc.

When technology is used correctly, the effects can be similar to those I was fortunate enough to witness while at Gesu. Due to the thought put behind various projects, and the ideas of how to incorporate websites into the school day, I was able to see students thrive with their school work. For example, the level of interest that I saw throughout the math project led me to wish I had projects such as these while I was in elementary school. The interest of the students at Gesu far surpassed the level of interest that I had while learning multiplication. In addition, by incorporating technology based projects, students are able to develop creativity as they learn. The development of creativity at such a young age will only benefit these students as they become older, and it is a skill that cannot be learned from a worksheet on multiplication problems alone.

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