Classroom Technologies

At Gesu, the students have access to Lenovo laptops as well as iPads throughout the day. They are used of a multitude of purposes. From applications that tie into the curriculum being taught to interventions, such as Learning Ally. From Learning Ally’s website, I learned that their software provides struggling readers with access to the books they want to read and the grade-level content they need to read. Learning Ally has the largest library of human-read audiobooks and a suite of educator tools and resources, students become engaged, independent learners. The students are also asked to frequently use Google Classroom, as well as Accelerated Reader to take reading tests on books they have read.

Software used: The three main ones used by the students are Microsoft word, google chrome, and PowerPoint. They are used for writing projects, research, website applications, and more. In addition, most students use Lenovo laptops or iPads, however, in the higher grades students use Google Chromebooks. The reason for implementing Google Chromebooks in the higher grades is due to the frequent use of Google Classroom and other Google resources.

Miss Barrett, my cooperating teacher, uses most of the same hardware and software as the students in her room. She regularly uses her Dell computer and laptop. Most of the work she is doing on the software is to prepare for the week with her students, as well as to teach them how to use the materials. She also has more access to email and is frequently in contact with parents. 

Lastly, Gesu has the STREAM center which is filled with more software and hardware that is not found in classrooms, such as different laptops and desktop computers. The students have access to software that allows them to create items on 3D printers, laser cutters, and circuit cutters. Students use these machines mostly for their PBL units, but also for other enrichment opportunities for our curriculum. PBL stands for Project Based Learning. Students in third grade have Project Based Learning incorporated into various subjects. For example, students are currently working on their math projects in the STREAM center. They were required to come up with a math game that deals with multiplication. Once they came up with their game idea in their groups, they were able to use the 3D printer to print the pieces for their game.

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