I am from St. Louis, Missouri.

I studied abroad this past semester in London at Regent’s University. During my time abroad I traveled to Dublin, Galway, Vienna, Warsaw, Krakow, Rome, Amsterdam, and Brighton. At John Carroll I am a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, and this semester I recently joined the Love Your Melon club.

I am a visual learner. I would consider myself shy and I enjoy working in small groups. I do enjoy sharing my thoughts/ideas in class, but it takes me awhile to become comfortable in class to do so.

I enjoy reading, however due to my typical college workload I do not find the time that I would like to read for pleasure. However, last year in my linked course I read Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver. This book was extremely interesting and deals with the migration of monarch butterflies in a rural area of Tennessee.

  1. How long have you been teaching at John Carroll?
  2. Do you have a favorite app or website that we will learn about and be able to use in our future classrooms?

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