Access to Technology

In order to gain the necessary information regarding technology at Gesu, I spoke with Miss Vidmar (Primary Enrichment teacher), Miss Weimer (Educational Technology Specialist), Mrs. Gessner (STREAM director), and Miss Barrett (my cooperating teacher in 3rd grade). I learned that in almost every classroom, there are carts that hold either Lenovo computers or iPads. From these carts in the classrooms, each student in the room has access to a computer and is assigned to one. Students at Gesu are able to have access to these computers through the tuition that they pay—not through additional fees. Gesu has a technology coordinator who is in charge of the school’s firewall and helping to decide what is appropriate to have unblocked for school. There are many times that the faculty researches what the website is before they would request for a website to be unblocked. Gesu is also a school with almost 1-to-1 technology so they have to be very careful of what the students have access to on their devices. At Gesu, applications are preloaded onto the devices leading each device to hold the exact same features and content. Mrs. Gessner was extremely helpful with my questions. She is the director of STREAM, which stands for science, technology, religion, engineering, art, and math. She finds ways for students to incorporate technology into all of these fields. In addition, Mrs. Gessner gave me a quick tour of the new technology wing at Gesu. Technology in this wing includes, 3D printers, a lazar cutter, sewing machines, and coding tools. At Gesu, students begin to learn how to code in Kindergarten. In Kindergarten, the coding devices may be seen as an extremely basic and simple. However, it is through scaffolding in each grade, that students in 8th grade leave Gesu with a deep understanding of coding.

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